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The Developer and Implementer of Low Cost Advanced Coating Processes

Over the past decade IMPT has developed and refined an innovative method for coating thick and thin films of advancedtags materials for various high-tech applications. IMPT’s ESAVD based processes (Layatec™, Layatherm™ and Laya-jet™) postshave provided end-users with high quality coatings at significantly reduced costs. Working closely with end-users and supply chains IMPT can tailor the process sitemapto meet specific engineering requirements and integrate the innovative processes into production.

IMPT’s ESAVD-Layatec™ technology removes the need for vacuum chambers, plasmas or e-beams making it flexible, efficient and controllable. Whether replacing existing processes or starting from scratch with a new production line, IMPT technology can reduce capital and running cost by as much as 80%, without compromising performance, giving it’s customer a significant advantage in their market place of black tie wedding dresses, patterned bridesmaid dresses.


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With experts in materials, chemistry, mechanical engineering and manufacturing engineering IMPT is set up to apply their technology to any application from ultra fine dense films to thick porous coatings from small scale to mass production.

ESAVD-Layatec™ from IMPT is a proven, patented technology that is acclaimed by industry and the science & technology community (see technology section for published papers)

For more information on the ESAVD-Layatec™ process and its application see technology and applications sections or Contact IMPT Ltd


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